Twitter Bootstrap relief

While some are sick of Twitter bootstrap, I find it to be very useful for dull people that want things to be in the same place and have consistent pleasant layouts and size. Recently I came across some new contributions that have been very helpful.

Modals are often too much work. The following  contrinutions have dramtically improved my productivity.

I am still finding the javascript ides full of issues, especially with refactorings. Due to the nature of the language there are often cases whether the refactoring is just wrong. I am trying to learn to write code that can be refactored.

  • The Webstorm support for an extjs, node and bootstrap package is disappointing.
  • The Jetstrap environment looked promising but has shown little progress in deployment.

Vmware Tech support rescues me again

I use VMware Fusion 6.* on a Mac. A Wndows 7×64 instance I was running ran out of memory. I did the obvious thing and increased the size of the disk. Of course you have to stop the system to do that. Why they can’t expand file systems while the system is running indicates a lack of understanding of file systems with any level of sophistication. The application started the process of expanding the file system and hours later I had a new file system. I bought it up and of course you have to do something else and there is no prompting or suggestions. I guess you are supposed to follow a web page and copy and paste. Shortly after that it crashed without being extended. So I went to the get a Time Machine backup and the backup directory only had .vmdk files in it. The file was not importable. So I tried to search for what to do next and was unsuccessful, numerous outdated articles and fuzzy words about similar things instead of crisp hits. I filed a ticket with VMware and they called me. VMware technical support is really excellent.  The tech from VMware gave me the magic incantation which IMO should have been suggested to me by the computer. We spend so much money on suggestions for advertising yet so little on the devices we use that are constantly robbing us of time everyday. I did something like this

./vmware-vdiskmanager -R /Volumes/m1-750/vm/Windows-7×64.vmwarevm/Windows\ 7\ x64.vmdk

Followed by an import with some important options on the import screen. As usual VMware technical support solved my issue.