Agile Propaganda fight it

There have been many arguments over the years about whether Computer Science is a science, an engineering discipline or an art form like poetry. Perhaps it is a combination of all three. One thing I am sure it is not is a field based on half truths and lack of reading and or talking to real experts in the field. I am finding this particular true with Agile. I am bombarded with email literature about how to do Agile, something that I know something about having been using it on projects where I think it would work, since 2005.  The Marketing machine around Agile is in full swing and they have lost track of the fundamental practices of Agile.

Some examples of.

  • I am doing Agile, I run JUnit tests
  • I am doing Agile, I do Continuous builds
  • Some companies have ads that would give you the idea that all you need to do is have a Continuous Integration system. Don’t be fooled remember that other fields have  principles like Laws in Physics or in Math and so does Computer Sciences. There are objective ways to measure use of Agile. At least be able to measure the claim. You don’t do Agile, Agile is a way of thinking and approaching problems. Something I learned from Dr. Bergin and Dr. Grossman from Pace University.

Protect yourself lean on what some experts have developed rooted in some science, some engineering and some art.

  • An excellent overview of Agile can be found here, by Dr. Bergin and Dr. Grossman.
  • Another excellent overview of what often happens with Agile, by Brian Marick.
  • The area that I found most difficult to navigate, Agile Estimating and Planning

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